Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024

Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024 ,Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024 ,Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024
Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024 ,Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024 ,Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024 
Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024,Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024 Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024

Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview Question and Answers in 2024

You’ll need to prepare for the Nigerian Airforce Military School Interview process If you’re hoping to attend the Nigerian Air Force Military School in 2024.

But what kinds of questions will you be asked? With is awesome information, we’ll give you an inside look at some of the most common interview questions asked at the Nigerian Air Force Military School.

So relax, take a deep breath, and get ready to impress!

1. If eight and a half tonnes of sugar is sold in bags of 5kg. How many bags are there to sell? 

a. 1.7 bags

b. 17 bags

c. 170bags

d. 1700 bags

Answer: D

2. What is the product of 5Kg 350g and 9? 

a. 45kg 150g

b. 14kg 350g

c. 48kg 150g

d. 14kg 150g

Answer: C

3. A farmer sold 35 bags of rice at 25 % profit. If he sold each bag for ?7500:00. How much was his profit on 25 of the lot?

a. ?1,875:00

b. ?65,625:00

c. ?18,775:00

d. ?26,250:00

Answer: D

4. How many faces have a cuboid? 

a. 4

b. 8

c. 6

d. 12

Answer: C

5. Animals that chew their cud are——

a. Carnivores

b. Herbivores

c. Omnivores

d. Ominivores

Answer: B

6. Which of the under listed belong to the class Aves?

a. Monkey

b. Tadpole

c. Eagle

d. Rat

Answer: C

7. Which of these is a communicable disease

a. Bacteria

b. Flu

c. Malaria

d. Dialysis

Answer: B

8. The instrument for finding the direction of the wind is called…………… 

a. Wind hook

b. Wind clock

c Wind Vane

d Baro meter

Answer: C

9. “I challenge the public to put teeth into the law means”………………

a. To council the law

b. To reject the law

c. To activate the law

d. To review the law

Answer: C

10. The acronym SARS means………………………….

a. Special Anti-Robbery Squad

b. Special Autorobbery Squad

c. Special Anti-Robbers Squad

d. Special Automated Squad

Answer: A

11. An official representing a country abroad is a……………..

a. Diplomat

b. Visitors

c. Foreigners

d. Spies

Answer: A

12. A paragraph is a group of …………………

a. Words

b. Letters

c. Sentences

d. Permutation

Answer: C

13. Inter-Science is the combination of.

a. Mathematics, Physics, Biology

b. Chemistry, Physics, Biology

c. Geography, Physics, Health Science

d. Chemistry, Physical Education

Answer: B

14. An equal amount of red and blue color mixed together will give.

a. Green

b. Orange

c. Red

d. Purple

Answer: D

15. The core material for producing ceramic ware is………….

a. Clay

b. Plastic

c. Wood

d. Paper

Answer: A

16. Time is determined by the use of

a. Colour

b. Rain

c. Hour

d. Clock

Answer: D

17. Okon invites Jude to his birthday party Okon is the …………..while Jude is………

a. Host, hostess

b. Hostess, landlord

c. Host, guest

d. Guest, landlady

Answer: C

18. Ceasarian section is a process of giving birth to a baby by a woman through ____

a. Labour

b. Medication

c. Oral therapy

d. Operation

Answer: D

19. Urine contains urea, water, and ____

a. hydrogen

b. soldium

c. H20

d. Salt

Answer: D

20. Parliamentary Filibuster strategy is a method of delaying decisions in the parliament through ____

a. adjournment

b. long speech

c. physical combat

d. absenteeism

Answer: B

21. HIV/AIDS can be contracted through

a. Sharing of clippers for barbing hair

b. Hand shake

c. Worshipping together

d. Using the same plate to eat

Answer; A

22. Kerosene is a product refined from

a. Petrol

b. Petroleum Jelly

c. Crude oil

d. Plan oil

Answer: C

23. The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has ____ members

a. 37

b. 109

c. 170

d. 108

Answer: B

24. What happens when water and oil of equal proportion are poured together in a container

a. Oil comes on top

b. Water comes on top

c. The two changes colour

d. Nothing happens

Answer: A

25. The child’s mother’s sister is the ……………. of that child

a. Mate

b. Aunt

c. Uncle

d. Sister

Answer: B

26. …………….. Is the ability to do some work

a. Power

b. Energy

c. Speed

d. Effort

Answer: B

 27. A caterpillar is an infant………….. .

a. Mosquito

b. Housefly

c. Butterfly

d. Bee

Answer: C

28. The square root of 256 is…………..

a. 13

b. 14

c. 16

d. 12

Answer: C

29. A bowl of semolina that was left over for three days was passing an………odour.

a. Offensive

b. Aromatic

c. Inviting

d. Appetizing

Answer: A

30. Which of the following is the odd one out?

a. Lawyers

b. Labourers

c. Teachers

d. Architects

Answer: B

31. In the 2011 elections held in Nigeria, which two elections were held on the same day.

a. Gubernatorial and national assembly

b. National assembly and presidency

c. State assembly and presidency

d. Gubernatorial and State assembly

Answer: D

32. President Ebele Jonathan was sworn in as the acting president of the Federal republic of Nigeria on the

a. 5th May 2011

b. 6th May 2010

c. 7th May 2011

d. 7th May 2010

Answer: B

33.The Nigerian 2011 presidential election was held on the

a. 15th April

b. 21st April

c. 26th April

d. 16th April

Answer: D

34. State the number of multiples of 4 between 20 and 60

a. 10

b. 6

c. 9

d. 11

Answer: D

35. Find the 6th place value in 3421.016. 

a. 6 thousand

b. 6 hundred

c. 6 hundredths

d. 6 thousandths

Answer: D

36. Write in Arabic numerals, CMVII

a. 907

b. 1007

c. 1017

d. 1107

Answer: A

37. Write 342 in Roman numerals.





Answer: C

38. Which of the following is used for controlling the amount of light entering the eye?

a. Cornea

b. Pupil

c. Iris

d. Cilary muscles

Answer: B

39. An iron rod feels cooler in the hand than a wooden rod at the same temperature. The reason is that iron——–

a. is a better conductor of heat than wood

b. has a higher density than wood

c. has a higher expansivity than wood

d. is heavier than wood of the same size

Answer: A

40. The University project———owing to lack of funds

a. Fell down

b. Fell over

c. Fell off

d. Fell through

Answer: D

41.The thief was caught. He couldn’t get——with what he stole

a. Away

b. Scot free

c. Free

d. Over

Answer: A

42. The handset won’t work, the battery has run——– 

a. Off

b. Out

c. Down

d. Over

Answer: C

43. A betrayal from someone supposed to be a friend is a stab——–the back

a. On

b. In

c. At

d. From

Answer: B

44. It is right to say, switch——-or put——-the light subject to the type of light.

a. of/off

b. off/off

c. out/off

d. off/out

Answer: D

45. Femi is very Presumptous whereas his friend is ——–

a. Kind

b. Modest

c. Proud

d. Pompous

Answer: B

46. HIV can be transmitted in the of these ways except

a. Homosexual intercourse

b. Heterosexual intercourse

c. Mosquitoes as a Vector

d. Needle pick injury with infected blood

Answer: C

47. A body of shallow sea water or brackish water separated from the sea by some form of bamer is called ——-

a. Nile’s Valley

b. Lagoon

c. Greeks

d. Oasis

Answer: B

48. Collection of different human organs working as a unit is referred to as –

a. Tissue

b. Cell

c. System

d. Skeleton

Answer: C

49. Naira is to Nigeria as ———is to India

a. Yen

b. France

c. Rupee

d. Dupee

Answer: C

50. The earth is the ——–?

a. Closest planet to the sun

b. 2nd closest to the sun

c. 3rd closest to the sun

d. 4th closest to the sun

Answer: C

51. The rotation of the earth on its axis causes?

a. Autumn and Winter

b. Wet and dry seasons

c. Summer and water

d. Dawn and Twilight

Answer: D

52. The highest court in Nigeria is the ——————-

a. Federal High Court

b. Supreme Court

c. Federal Court

d. Sharia Court

Answer: B

53. Abuja officially replaced Lagos as capital of Nigeria in ————–

a. 1992

b. 1996

c. 1998

d. 1991

Answer: D

54. A man having 20 litres of petrol in his car, uses it for 600 km. How many kilometers will the same man travel with 19.25 litres.

a. 577.5km

b. 576.2 km

c. 587.5km

d. 586.2km

Answer: A

55. Which of the following is proteinous in nature?

a. groundnut

b. millet

c. beans

d. guinea corn

Answer: C

56. ICT Means

a. Information and Communication Technology

b. Information Communication Technology

c. International Communication Technology

d. Internal Community Technology

Answer: A

57. Human beings have different types of teeth and hence are referred to as

a. Honodent

b. Homodent

c. Heterodent

d. Isodent

Answer: C

58. Humility is a virtue while——-can be regarded as a vice

a. Pride

b. Proud

c. Curiosity

d. Position

Answer: A

59. The brevity of the first message contracts with the———of the second message

a. Shortness

b. Integrity

c. Verbosity

d. Moral

Answer: C

60. She adores eating junks but——eating fruits

a. Loves

b. Supports

c. Dislikes

d. Disliked

Answer: C

61. Her younger sister likes conservative hairstyle but her cousin prefers———hairstyle

a. Modest

b. New

c. Modern

d. Magnanimous

Answer: C

62. Objects thrown up, always come down due to

a. kinetic force

b. potential force

c. gravitational force

d. Gravitational pull

Answer: D

63. People who carry out experiments to investigate nature are called

a. Scientist

b. Experimentalist

c. Experimentist

d. Scientia

Answer: A

64. Nigeria celebrated her Silver Jubilee in the year ……………

a. 1985

b. 2010

c. 1995

d. 2011

Answer: A

65. Nigeria Federal Capital Territory shifted from Lagos to Abuja in what year?

a. 1991

b. 1989

c. 1990

d. 1992

Answer: A

66. What is the meaning of CBT?

a. Computer Basic Technology

b. Computer Basic Test

c. Computer Based Test

d. All of the above

Answer: C

67. Which of these is the first Nigerian University?

a. Obafemi Awolowo University

b. University of Ilorin

c. University of Nsukka

d .Ahmadu Bello University

Answer: C

68. University of Ilorin is a …………….generation University

a. 1st

b. 2nd

c. 3rd

d. 4th

Answer: B

69. Who designed the National flag?

a. Mr. Taiwo Akinkunmi

b. Mr. Taiwo Akinyemi

c. Mr. Taiye Akinkumi

d. None of the above

Answer: A

70. The Green and White colours in Nigeria Flag symbolize

a. Agriculture and Finance

b. Peace and Prosperity

c. Agriculture and Transparency

d. Agriculture and peace

Answer: D

71. Whose photograph appears in the N1000 note

a. Clement Isong and Alh Tafawa Alewa

b. Clement Isong and Alh Aliyu Kingibe

c. Clement Isong and Aliyu Maibornu

d. Alh Maikingibe and Clement Effiong

Answer: C

72. Nigeria changed from Pounds to Naira in

a. 1972

b. 1971

c. 1970

d. 1975

Answer: A

73. Nigeria as a country is not a member of which of the following:

a. U.N.O


c. AU

d. None of the above

Answer: D

74. The full meaning of the acronym “GSM” is

a. Global System Mobile

b. General System Mobile Communication

c. Global system of Mobile communication

d. General System Mobile

Answer: C

75. The largest bird in the world is ……..

a. Vulture

b. Eagle

c. Ostrich

d. Swan

Answer: C

76. Who was the first prime minister of Nigeria?

a. Sultan of sokoto

b. Alh. Tafawa Balogun

c. Alh. Tafawa Balewa

d. Alh. Tafa Balewa

Answer: C

77. The first female to drive a car in Nigeria is

a. Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti

b. Mrs. Bolanle Awe

c. Mrs. Mary Herbert

d. None of the above

Answer: A

78. Write in words the sum of 31,004 and 117, 009. 

a. Four hundred and twenty seven thousand and thirteen.

b. One hundred and forty eight thousand.

c. Fourteen thousand and three

d. One hundred and forty eight thousand and thirteen

Answer: D

79. In a class, there are 50 pupils, if 15 of them are girls, what percentage are boys?

a. 70%

b. 30%

c. 85%

d. 15%

Answer: A

80. A farmer sold his cock at 20% loss. If the cock was sold for ?21:00 what was the initial worth of the cock?

a. ?27:50

b. ?25:20

c. ?26:25

d. ?20:20

Answer: C

81. All these animals live in water except

a. Frog

b. Lizard

c. Snake

d. Turtle

Answer: B

82. Which of these item does not form part of a first aid box.

a. Blade

b. Bandage

c. Chloroquine

d. Iodine

Answer: C

83. Which of the following is an airborne disease.

a. cholera

b. Influenza

c. Dysentery

d. Guinea worm

Answer: B

84. Which of the following is never true?

a. Lizard lay eggs

b. Malaria is an airborne disease

c. Teachers are rich

d. Rice is a cereal

Answer: B

85. A system whereby a woman marries more than one man is ————–

a. Monogamy

b. Polygamy

c. Polyandry

d. Not in existence

Answer: C

86. Pupils are advised to cross the road at— 

a. Roundabout

b. T junction

c. Children crossing

d. Zebra crossing

Answer: D

87. Which of these is odd?

a. Jigawa

b. Kebbi

c. Ekiti

d. Zamfara

Answer: C

88. The specialist who examines the eye for defects is an ———————

a. Optician

b. Eye surgeon

c. Optometrist

d. Opthamologist

Answer: C

89. We have an orange ———–behind our house.

a. Orchard

b. Farm

c. Garden

d. Bed

Answer: A

90. A doctor who treats animals is a ———-surgeon.

a. Medical

b. Veterinary

c. Vetinary

d. Vettinery

Answer: B

91. He went to the —————- to buy some tomatoes to plant.

a. Granary

b. Store

c. Nursery

d. Hatchery

Answer: C

92. She took rolls of tissue off the ———in the supermarket.

a. Shelves

b. Stalls

c. Desk

d. Checkout

Answer: A

93. Which of these can be described as minerals?

a. Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur

b. Gold, Copper, Tin

c. Milk, meat, fish

d. Coke, Fanta, Mirinda

Answer: B

94. The lawn tennis match was played on a ————–

a. Court

b. Field

c. Stadium

d. Track

Answer: A

95. I went to the ——————— to watch a play

a. Stage

b. Studio

c. Theatre

d. Chambers

Answer: C

96. A person who writes for newspapers or magazines is called a—————-

a. Journalist

b. Printer

c. Editor

d. Publisher

 Answer:: A

97. ——————————-decides what should be included or left out in a newspaper.

a. Publisher

b. Printer

c. Editor

d. Journalist

Answer: C

98. The case was heard in the judge’s——-?

a. Court

b. Arena

c. Cell

d. Witness box

Answer: A

99. I went to the ———————– to read and borrow some books

a. School

b. Press

c. Stationery

d. Library

Answer: D

100. The combined age of me and my two children is 75. What will it be in five years’ time?

a. 80

b. 85

c. 90

d. 95

Answer: C

How to Obtain Air Force Military School Forms

The scratch cards are available at the cost of N1,500 each from Headquarters Nigerian Air Force (Directorate of Education),

106 NAF Camp Abuja, Nigerian Air Force Examination Office, Nigerian Air Force Base Abuja as well as Nigerian Air Force primary and secondary schools across the country.

Amazing right? That’s all, people! We hope that this information has provided you with a decent understanding of what to expect during the interview process if you’ve been hoping to enroll in the Nigerian Air Force Military School.

Never forget how crucial it is to be genuine, self-assured, and honest. You’ll undoubtedly leave a lasting impression if you’re prepared and have a positive outlook.

Who knows? In 2024, you might find yourself at the top of the admissions list. We hope everything works out for you! Please share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google Plus.

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