IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020

IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020
IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 
IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020


IJMB Form for 2019/2024 Academic Session is currently on sale. The sale of the form commenced early November of last year and is still on sale. A lot of people, both students and parents, have been mailing us to check if IJMB form is still on sale, and also to confirm the deadline of 2019/2024 IJMB registration process.

We confidently say that IJMB form for 2019/2024 session is still on sale but that does not mean that the session has not commenced. IJMB programme for 2019/2024 has started since early of March, and lectures have commenced at our various IJMB study centres.


We have explained what IJMB Programme is in virtually all our previous posts. But for the sake of those who will not be opportune to access our previous posts, we shall quickly repeat what IJMB Programme entail here.

IJMB Programme is an Advanced Level Educational programme which is intended for students aspiring to secure admission into the any of the Nigerian universities through Direct Entry (DE) and without the need to write UTME (JAMB).

IJMB programme is open to all interested students who are seeking admission into the university. Candidates must know that IJMB Programme will enable them secure admission without needing to write UTME.

All they need to do is register for the programme which lasts for 9months. During these 9months which is divided into two semesters, registered IJMB candidates are put through intensive teaching at any of our well equipped IJMB study centres across the country.


People usually ask questions concerning the kinds of courses they can do with Ijmb.

Interested IJMB candidates must know that they can apply for all courses with IJMB, be it Medicine, Law, Engineering among others.


There is no official deadline date for IJMB Form for 2019/2024 registration procedures. Every interested candidate can still purchase the IJMB form and complete their IJMB registration. A lot of people have been mailing us because they heard that IJMB form for 2019 session is no more on sale, but that’s not true. Students can still register, what we just advise is that interested students must register as soon as possible.


How does Ijmb Work ? This is not hard.

Prospective IJMB candidates are expected to select Amy 3 A’Level IJMB subject combinations identified with their preferred course of study in the university, be it science, arts or social science.

There are students who call us often to ask whether they can register for IJMB and prepare for the IJMB exam on their own and want we usually tell them that it is not impossible. But they still have to pay all the fees that other registered candidates pay. For such people, we must tell you that it is quite risky to want to prepare for IJMB exam on your own.

All registered IJMB candidates need the experience of lecturers who are very familiar with the IJMB exams and that’s why you must not sit down at home while preparing for the IJMB exam.

How to Apply for IJMB Programme

Applying for IJMB Programme is not hard in anyway. To apply for IJMB Programme for the current session, candidates must obtain the IJMB form for 2019/2020. There are two major processes to obtain IJMB from with us at utmeofficial.net

IJMB Form for 2019/2024 Online Registration


Prospective candidates that would like to obtain Ijmb form for the 2019/2024 session through Ijmb online registration portal should visit this link.
Prospective candidates are to fill their details into the provided spaces accordingly. Candidates can also print out the form from our website, fill their information in accordingly and scan it back to us through our email address support@utmeofficial.com

When scanning the form back to us, candidates are to scan along proof of their payment. And candidates should know that registration fee is #8,000 only.



We have IJMB registration Centres around the country for candidates who would like to obtain their IJMB Form for 2019/2024 academic session. Prospective candidates can visit any of our IJMB Registration Centres and register for 2019/2024 Ijmb programme.

We have IJMB registration centres in:



Port Harcourt






Abuja and many other states.

To purchase IJMB form, it is just #8,000. And for candidates who prefer to register online, our Bank Account Details are on our Registration Portal.



The IJMB school fees for 2019/2024 is between #150, 000 – #180,000 in all our IJMB study centres. Candidates must know that the state that their preferred IJMB study centre is located will determine how much their fee is. And IJMB school fees, either #150,000 or #180,000, consists of the acceptance fee, tuition fee and accommodation fee.


After a candidate has been confirmed for a successful IJMB registration, they are to resume as soon as possible. For candidates who after registration will still need time to put things in place before their resumption, they must go ahead to pay their acceptance fee which is #40,000. All other fees shall be made upon resumption.

And in order to lighten the burden of our students and parents, we allow for payment on instalment. This means that our students can pay in bits but not more than three times.


We have good IJMB registration and study centres in many states in Nigeria. Such as:

IJMB Centre in Enugu

IJMB Centre in Lagos

Ibadan IJMB Centre

IJMB Centre in Uyo

IJMB Centre in Kano

Nasarawa IJMB Centre

IJMB Centre in Ilroin

IJMB Centre in Port Harcourt and other states.

Interested IJMB candidates must know that they can trust in the efficiency of our IJMB lecturers as well as the good condition of our campuses and hostels. Also, our laboratories are well equipped for science students.


What is the importance of IJMB Programme

The very importance of the IJMB Programme is that it helps Nigerian students who are seeking for university admission secure admissions without writing the UTME (JAMB). IJMB is a sure way for direct entry programme.

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IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020

IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020
IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020 ,IJMB FORM FOR 2019/2020
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