Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition

Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition ,Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition ,Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition

Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition ,Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition ,Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition


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University Of Oxford Acceptance Rate: For those hoping to study in the United Kingdom, Oxford University could be a good choice because its acceptance rate is worth the consideration. Our post on Oxford University acceptance rate 2022 could guide you in making the right decision.

This post will reveal Oxford University acceptance rates for undergraduate, postgraduate, and Law related courses inclusive of other mandatory requirements of the University in 2022.

History of Oxford University

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England with evidence of teaching as early as 1096. This makes it the oldest university in the world and the world’s second-oldest university in continuous operation.

From 1167 when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris, the university grew rapidly. Students had conflicts with Britain citizens and students in 1209 which led some scholars to flee to Cambridge which resulted in the establishment of the University of Cambridge. The two “old universities” are often referred to jointly by “Oxbridge”.

The University is home to a variety of institutions which includes 38 constituent colleges, six permanent private halls, and a range of academic departments, which are organised into four divisions..

All colleges under Oxford University are autonomous institutions each of which controls its members and has its structures and activities. There is no main campus, and its buildings and facilities are scattered throughout the city centre.

Undergraduate teaching consists of mall-group tutorials at the colleges and halls, lectures, seminars, laboratory work and occasionally further tutorials provided by the central university faculties and departments. Postgraduate teaching is provided predominantly centrally.

Oxford owns the world’s oldest university museum, the largest university press in the world and the largest academic library system nationwide. In the fiscal year ending 31 July 2019, the university made a total income of £2.45 billion, and £624.8 million was from contracts and research grants.

Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022

Search engine results show that Oxford has an acceptance rate of 17.5% while the Cambridge acceptance rate 21% indicating that the latter is more prestigious. In 2020, it received 21,515 applications for around 3,300 undergraduate seats. Politics, Philosophy, and Economics course received the maximum number of applications (2,219). Admissions were offered to close to 3,840 applicants, and over 86% accepted the offer and enrolled in University of Oxford.

The admissions process for 2022 follows the usual timeline:

  • Start on your UCAS application from June 2022 or opt to provide college preference through open application. Based on the availability of seats, open applications are allotted to any of 39 colleges by University.
  • Students are expected to submit the required documents, statement of purpose, academic reference before the deadline on October 15, 2022.
  • Admission tests are an essential part of the assessment for many programs offered by Oxford University, appear in November 2022 for the same.
  • Many courses require applicants to send in a sample of their written work as part of their application. Submit the same to the college you have applied for before November 10, 2022.
  • Online interviews will be scheduled between December 1-10, 2022 for candidates shortlisted based on their profile and test, .
  • Shortlisted candidates for 2022 entry will be told whether or not their application has been successful on 12 January 2022. Decisions will be released via UCAS Track early in the morning.

Compared to American universities, Oxbridge has the minimum requirements which allow prospective students to apply but if you don’t meet the minimum initial requirements, your request will be returned. 

What is the University of Oxford Undergraduate Acceptance Rate?

Overall applications to Oxford, offers made and students admitted, all domiciles, 2014–2018.

Below is a table showing the break down of the undergraduate acceptance rate:

 ApplicationsOffersStudents admitted

What is the University of Oxford Law Acceptance Rate?

According to Wikipedia, The Faculty of Law, Oxford is the law school of the University of Oxford which has a history of over 800 years of teaching and writing law. It is unique in its use of personalized tutorials, in which students are taught by faculty fellows in groups of one to three on a weekly basis, as the main form of instruction in its undergraduate and graduate courses.

It also offers the largest doctoral program in Law in the English-speaking world. The faculty is part of Oxford’s Social Sciences Division.

Oxford’s law school is one of the most prestigious law schools in the world, with an acceptance rate of around 8%. It is currently ranked first in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

What is the University of Oxford US Acceptance rate?

It is difficult for everyone, but it seems to be slightly harder for Americans. On average Oxford has about a 16% admission rate, but for Americans, it is just under 9%. Roughly half the average.

If I wanted to risk an educated guess, it would be Oxford is looking for “narrow and deep” people in their academic fields, while American high school education is approaching a much broader (but necessarily superficial) curriculum.

University of Oxford International Admission

The Oxford student body represents over 155+ countries and territories. Undergraduates make up 49% of the total student body, graduate students 49%, and other students 2%. As per student statistics website of Oxford, on an average:

  • 11,930 were Undergraduate Students
  • 11,813 were Graduate Students
  • The remaining Students were from other courses at University of Oxford

Admission Requirement for International Students

  1. Details about previous qualifications and education submitted through UCAS application (for undergraduate admission)
  2. Submission of University of Oxford Graduate application (for graduate admission)
  3. Official transcripts along with certified English translation (for graduate admission)
  4. Country-specific academic requirement
  5. Evidence of financial support for at least a year
  6. Statement of Purpose to study in UK

English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

International applicants from a country where English is not the primary language should provide one of the scores mentioned in the table below, to demonstrate language proficiency:

TestStandard Level ScoreHigher Level Score
OverallPer SectionOverallPer Section
TOEFL100Listening: 22

Reading: 24

Speaking: 25

Writing: 24
110Listening: 22

Reading: 24

Speaking: 25

Writing: 24
Cambridge Certificate (CAE and CPE)185176191185

Standard level scores are accepted for admission in Computer Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics. Higher-level scores are accepted for all other programs.

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English Language Test Score Exemption

University of Oxford also accepts the below-mentioned scores of the following programs as proof of test required to study in USA, in lieu of the aforementioned test scores:

ProgramMinimum Score Required
English level GCSEGrade B or Grade 6
English level O-levelGrade B
International Baccalaureate Standard LevelScore of 5 in English (as Language A or B)
European BaccalaureateScore of 70% in English

Students who studied the last two academic years with English as a language of instruction, International Baccalaureate Program, or Singapore Integrated Programme (SIPCAL) are not required to submit English proficiency scores.


Local students$13,750$16,250
International students$20,000$20,000

University of Oxford has financial aid programs and on-campus housing.

Programs and Degrees

DoctorateArchaeology, Biochemistry, Botany, Chemistry, Classical Languages, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, English, Fine Arts, Geography, Health Sciences, History, International Relations, Law, Linguistics, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music Theory and Composition, Oriental Studies, Paediatrics, Pathology, Pharmacology, Philology, Philosophy, Phonetics, Political Sciences, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Psychology, Theology, Zoology


In conclusion, if you wish to study in the UK, Oxford University should be your first choice of school. Hence, before you apply to this prestigious school, having knowledge of the University of Oxford acceptance rate will guide you to know your chances of getting admitted into the school.


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Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition ,Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition ,Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, TuitionOxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition ,Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition ,Oxford University Acceptance Rate 2022 | Requirement, Programs, Tuition
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