Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission

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Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission ,Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission ,Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission

Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission ,Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission ,Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission


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– Penn State Acceptance Rate –

Being a major research university, the Pennsylvania State University is one of the largest universities in the United States, recording over 46,800 annual enrollment in graduate and undergraduate student programs at just the university park campus. Read through this article for information on the Penn State acceptance rate.

Admissions at Pennsylvania State University-University Park records a 54% late acceptance rate and a 67.9% early acceptance rate. Half of Penn State’s accepted students had a SAT score of 1150 to 1340 or an ACT score of 25 to 30.

However, one-fourth of approved candidates scored higher than these ranges, while the other quarter received scores that were lower.

An analysis According to the Penn State University admission rate for a particular year and data from the previous year, the acceptance rate for PSU was 49.1%. This basically implies that around 490 candidates out of 1000 get accepted.

The application deadline for Pennsylvania State University-University Park is rolling, read through for enrollment information. 

But before you release those applications, let’s get you familiar with the Penn State University environment.

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University is a state-supported, co – ed institution of higher education in Pennsylvania, United States. Its main campus, located in University Park, is the system’s biggest branch and the center of graduate and undergraduate instruction.

Penn State Erie (Behrend College) is a four-year school in Erie; Penn State Harrisburg (Capital College), which has an upper-division campus in Middletown and a lower-division campus in Schuylkill Haven (near Pottsville); Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport; and a number of campuses offering primarily two-year lower-division programs, including those in Abington and Altoona, are all part of the system.

The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey houses the university’s College of Medicine, while the Dickinson School of Law is in Carlisle. Graduate programs are also available in the Harrisburg, Hershey, Erie, and Great Valley (Malvern, near Philadelphia) campuses in addition to University Park.

As formerly called, Farmers’ High School was founded in 1855, and the university was founded in 1855. In 1859, agriculture became the focus of instruction.

Penn State University Acceptance Rate

Below carries post-evaluation information of the Penn State acceptance rate for previous years. This will provide insight into data of subsequent years which we will provide in future posts.

Herein also contains the comprehensive Penn State University Admission Rate and data.

This section contains knowledge and data of the acceptance rate at Pennsylvania State University for in-state, out-of-state, transfer, freshman, international, early action, early decision undergraduate applications.


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PSU Acceptance Rate

The following is a detailed breakdown of the PSU acceptance rate during the last five years:

Acceptance rate:

a. 53% in 2015

b. 56% in 2016

c. 57% in 2017

d. 2018 (no data)

e. 49.1% in 2019

f. 2020 (No data)

g. 50% in 2023(Estimated)

Admission to Pennsylvania State University is competitive. According to the data above, Penn State University’s admission rate remains almost constant year after year. Every year, the admission rate is almost average.

Below is further information on Penn acceptance statistics, typical ACT or SAT scores, GPA and grade requirements, how to apply, and the application price, as well as the entire admittance distribution by gender and area.

Penn State University(PSU) Admission Statistics/admission Rate

This data has been detailed to list Penn State admission rate by gender, PSU admission percentage by Residents, Penn State University admission rate by ethnicity/race.

1. Penn State Admission Rate by Gender 

This category carries the following stats:

a. Male: 54%

b. Female:46%

2. PSU Admission Percentage by Residents

The following data is assigned to this category:

a. University-Wide: 65%

b. University Park: 57%

c. Commonwealth Campuses: 82%

3. Penn State University Admission Rate by Ethnicity/race 

Data for this category is listed as follows:

a. Black American: 5.65%

b. Asian-America: 6.12%

c. Latino: 7.31%

d. Alaskan: 0.14%

e. Hawaiian/Islander: 0.12%

f. The Whites: 65.60%

g. Other Races: 3.36%

h. Undeclared races: 2.36%

i. International Students: 9.34%


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Penn State SAT

According to last year’s admission data, students accepted to PSU with SAT scores of 1160 to 1360 received an average SAT score of 1160 to 1360, while those admitted with ACT scores had an average ACT score of 25 to 30.

Average Sat Score 2023

This is data for the average sat scores range per subject for the 25th & 75th percentile

a. Math: 25th Percentile 580, 75th Percentile: 700.

b. Reading and Writing: 25th Percentile: 580, 75th Percentile: 670.

c. Composite: 25th Percentile: 1160 , 75th Percentile: 1370.

23 on Act Average Scores

a. English: 25th Percentile 25, 75th Percentile: 33.

b. Maths: 25th Percentile 25, 75th Percentile: 30.

c. Writing: 25th Percentile: 8, 75th Percentile: 9.

PSU Average Highschool GPA Requirements

The Pen State University’s average highschool gpa is kept at 3.58

Penn State Admissions Requirements

These are precisely the basic admission requirements:

a. GPA

b. High School Rank: Optional

c. Transcript

d. Prep courses

e. SAT/ACT: Optional

f. Recommendation Letter: Optional

How to Apply for Penn State Admission

The Penn Application appears as follows:

a. Make a quick decision

b. Early Intervention

c. $65 application fee

d. Penn State’s application site is http://admissions.psu.edu/apply/.

Chances of admission: Only eligible candidates will be considered. Penn State has a comprehensive admissions process that is free and fair.

Penn State Cost

a. In-state tuition and fees:

b. $36,962 before assistance

c. $30,996 after assistance

d. Tuition and expenses for out-of-state students are $35,514.

e. $11,884 for room and board

The tuition and fees shown above are estimates based on last year’s data. Admitted students will be informed of the exact price.

All of the aforementioned figures are subject to verification. So, using the Penn State University class of 2025 profile portal, check the official PSU admission website for accurate information on the Penn State Acceptance rate and admission figures.

Penn State University Notable Alumni

To assist in your selection process, we present you with twenty Famous Penn State Alumni. With more than a few renowned faces, one in every 117 American college graduates receiving a degree from Dear Old State.

A number of notable names may be found throughout Penn State history, including over 90 Olympic athletes, 11 former and current Congressional members, and 332 Nittany Lions picked in the NFL draft.

From the co-inventor of the Slinky to Nike’s CEO, here are 20 prominent Penn State grads you may not know about and what has made them stand out.

1. Adam McKay

It can’t be a surprise that one of the most famous writers and producers once sat in a Penn State classroom. Adam McKay Penn State drop-out was in school for only one school year and a summer session.

Since his emergence as a ‘notable alumnus’, he has authored and produce Step Brothers and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, among other hilarious movies, leaving fame in his wake.

2. Mark Parker

He is Penn State’s champion runner who graduated in 1997, grew to become the President and CEO of the famous Nike brand in 2006.

Mark Parker’s networth is placed at a climbing $15 million per year.

3. Lara Spencer

This broadcast journalism degree holder from 1991, was member of Penn State University swimming and diving team. Lara Spencer was 2014’s Homecoming Grand Marshal was co-host of Good Morning America in August 2014.

4. Betty James

Married to Robert T. James, this 1938 Penn State University graduate with matrimonial assistance, she invented and marketed the Slinky. She literally invented childhood.

5. Carmen Finestra

Graduated in 1971, and a six Primetime Emmys, Finestra was a writer and producer on Home Improvement and The Cosby Show. 

6. Ty Burrell

Received his Masters in Fine Arts from Penn State andwas at that time, a mobile student- he lived in his van. Breakthrough was in 2009 when he got the role of Phil Dunphy from the infamous Modern Family. 

7. Jef Raskin

A 1967 Penn State graduate in computer science. This explains his title “Father of the Macintosh” after his first computer program was developed part of his master’s thesis.

Raskin went on to become one of the first Apple employees and named his favorite kind of Apple “Macintosh”.


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8. Robert Bruce Banner

Penn state didn’t just stop at making space scientists and rocket inventors, it went to the entertainment screens too. Bruce Banner is popular for playing the Marvel series character- the Incredible Hulk.

9. Guion Bluford

Speaking of science and space rockets, Guion Bluford studied aerospace engineering and graduated in 1964. Being among the first African Americans to travel to space as a specialist aboard the Challenger on the mission STS-8.

10. John Aniston

With a BA degree in Theater Arts, Anniston has been a popular soap opera actor. Most acclaimed for his role in Days of Our Lives. He is also a father to the famous Television actress, Jennifer Aniston.

11. John Cappelletti

The only Penn State’s Heisman Trophy winner. He went on to play for the Los Angeles Rams and later the San Diego Chargers. A major in law enforcement and corrections. 

12. Steve McCurry

In 1974, he received his bachelor’s degree in arts and architecture from the College of Arts and Architecture.

A National Geographic photographer. Notable work is his  “The Afghan Girl” 1985 capture,  one of the most popular photographs in the world today. On campus, the shot was on exhibit at the Palmer Art Museum.

13. Herman Fisher

In 1921, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration while still working for the yearbook and the Phroth. The Fisher Plaza, which is situated on West campus between Kern and Chambers, is now open to the public.

He is a co-founder of the Fisher-Price Toy Company, which has been a market leader since the early 1930s.

14. Margaret Carlson

She earned her bachelor’s degree in English in 1966. Carlson made history as the first female writer for TIME Magazine when she was appointed White House Correspondent in 1994.

She is presently a Bloomberg News contributor.

15.  Steven E. de Souza

He was a student of William Tenn, a science fiction novelist who would have a major effect on the remainder of Souza’s career, while at Penn State.

Souza’s work in cinema is significant, since he is one of just a few screenwriters whose films have grossed over $2 billion at the box office.

He also produced the television series Knight Rider and Six Million Dollar Man, as well as the films Die Hard and Die Hard 2.

16. Patricia Woertz

In 1974, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Archer Daniels Midland Company’s President and CEO is her. For her work with BioEnergy, she was named one of Fortune Magazine’s 25 most influential leaders of the year.

17. Julius J. Epstein

He and his twin brother were also members of the varsity wrestling team at Penn State. Epstein earned a BA in Arts and Letters in 1931. Epstein was a screenwriter and producer best known for the Academy Award-winning film Casablanca, which he wrote and produced in 1943.

18. Michael Barry Reid

He was the only Penn State player to earn the Outland Trophy for “best college football interior lineman.”

Barry achieved a heavyweight wrestling championship and played the main part in Penn State’s production of “Guys and Dolls” before graduating in 1969.

Mike Reid may be the first and only pro-footballer-turned-country-singer in history. He was a defensive lineman with the Cincinnati Bengals for four years. Reid wrote numerous popular country tunes, including Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

He also won a Grammy for Ronnie Milsap’s “Stranger In My House.”

19. Tom Verducci

Tom Verducci was a walk-on for the baseball team and worked for the Daily Collegian until his graduation in 1982. Verducci is a well-known baseball journalist who has worked for publications such as Sports Illustrated, FOX, and MLB Network.

20. Keegan Michael Key

Here at Happy Valley, Key received his master’s degree in fine arts. “Three of the happiest years of my life were spent at Penn State,” he remarked in an interview with Onward State two years ago.

He started his career on MadTV as an actor and writer. He is most known for his comic sketch program Key & Peele, which he co-created with Jordan Peele.

The program is currently in its fourth season, and it is best known for sketches like “East/West Bowl” (which features Penn State’s own Hingle McCringleberry!) and “Obama’s Anger Translator.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Hard Is It for A New Student to ‘fit In’ Socially at Penn State?

Ans: “The total number of students enrolled at the State College Campus is nearing 50,000. All you have to do is be yourself, and you’ll run across hundreds of highly interesting individuals every day. Simply smile a little, and say “Hi,” and you’ll soon have a dozen or so new friends who share your interests.”

2. What’s Penn State’s out Of State Acceptance Rate?

Ans: “They only accept around 40% of everyone who applies, regardless of where they live. Academics take precedence over location at this institution. However, it is usually less than 40.


Between 30 and 40 percent of applicants are turned down, implying that more over half of those who apply are turned down. Consider applying somewhere else if your overall GPA is less than 3.5.”

3. Can I Get Into Penn State with A 3.7 Gpa?

Ans: ” This is in same context as the question before this. Refer to question 2 for a candid reply.”

4. Is Penn State a Good School?

Ans: ” Yes. It is a Public Ivy. It has worldwide recognition. They do amazing research, raise millions for kids with cancer through THON, and fund a state-of-the-art hospital in Hershey.


Penn State is an incredible school.”

Admissions Process FAQs

5. How Long Does Penn State Rolling Admission Desicion Take?

Ans: “When I applied, I did so at the middle of October. I got the decision back in mid-December, so about 2 months.


When one of my friends applied, she said she got a decision back in a week. I’m not sure how true that is, but outliers happen.”

6. What’s the secret to getting into Penn State University?

Ans: “It’s fairly easy to get into one of the commonwealth campuses. University Park is more competitive and the Schreyer Honors College is EXTREMELY competitive.


Your GPA and SAT or ACT scores are the two most important factors in determining your chances of admission to the various campuses and Schreyer Honors College.”

7. Does Penn State Superscore SAT Results?

Ans: “visit the official Penn website and scroll to their FAQs”.

8. Which Penn State Campus Should I Pick?

Ans: “Without a doubt Main campus. Don’t go to Erie atleast not in winters and besides Erie is like 4 hours away and half of the route is full of deers.


I once ended up ramming into one of them on the highways. Harrisburg would be a better option even though Altoona is closer theoretically. Abington is not a bad choice either but I would consider it as my last option.”

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Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission ,Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission ,Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission

Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission ,Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission ,Penn State Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Admission

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